Experience the Kingdom of Crystal

In the Kingdom of Crystal (Glasriket) handblown glass has been made since 1742. Together with the glassblowers, designers continuously stretch the possibilities of glass, and many glassblowing techniques have been developed through experimentation in the Småland blowing rooms. As a visitor you will encounter today both everyday glass and art glass of world-class quality, and you are welcome to step up to the glass furnaces to see it being created!

Every year more than a million visitors come here to a small area in Kronoberg and Kalmar counties in Småland that includes the municipalities of Emmaboda, Lessebo, Nybro and Uppvidinge. To watch red-hot molten glass being transformed into delicate crystal or sturdy bowls is a spectacle that one never tires of. But beyond the heat of the blowing rooms, there is also much to experience. Here you will find cultural history, an abundance of nature activities as well as a large range of shopping and other activities. The Kingdom of Crystal