English Heritage arbetar med platsutveckling av kulturhistoriska byggnader och miljöer

Från världsberömda förhistoriska platser till bunkrar från kalla krigets dagar – English Heritage förvaltar och utvecklar över 400 historiska byggnader, monument och platser.

An assessment of the effects of conservation areas on value   

  • People value living in conservation areas
    Houses in conservation areas sell for a premium of 23% on average. A premium of around 9% exists even after adjusting for other factors that affect house prices such as location and type of property. This adjusted premium was lower for conservation areas deemed to be ”at risk”, being approximately 5%.
  • Conservation areas have had stronger house price appreciation than other areas
    On average, property prices inside conservation areas have grown at a rate that exceeded comparable properties elsewhere by 0.2% a year.
  • Properties closer to the centre of conservation areas sell for more
    The premium for living towards the centre is approximately double that at the edge controlling for other factors, suggesting that people value being surrounded by a greater density of heritage.
  • People value living near to conservation areas
    There is also a premium (albeit less) for properties outside conservation areas being more closely located to a conservation area. This premium is found to decline from the boundary of the areas and becomes 0 at around 500-700m distance.