Lund International Architecture Film Festival, September 7-14th.

Lund International Architecture Film Festival which takes place in the autumn each year provides a platform for exploring contemporary and historical interconnections between architecture and film, screening a wide range of fictional and documentary films and bringing together seminars/debates, exhibitions, workshops, lectures and other activities. Altogether these will form the framework for discussions about architecture in fiction films as well as visions of a good and liveable built environment for the future. Special guests – architects, filmmakers, journalists and artists from Sweden and abroad are invited to participate in seminars on architecture in films and themes highlighted in the documentary films.

Partners: Kultur Skåne, Kultur Lund, Fojab arkitekter AB, Plan- och Byggnadskonst i Lund AB, Sweco Architects, Trivector AB, Akademiska Hus AB, the Swedish Association of Architects, ISU, the city of Lund, Film i Skåne, the School of Architecture, Lund University, the Museum of Sketches, the Centre for Language and Literature, Lund University, Lunds konsthall, DocLounge, Polish Culture Institute in Stockholm, Plan & Byggnadskonst i Lund, Gunilla Svensson arkitektkontor ab, Statens Centrum för Arkitektur och Design, Film i Skolan, Arkitektur- och designcentrum.