Flashdance och passion – revitaliseringen av industristaden Pittsburgh

”Historic preservation deals with real estate; whether the project includes buildings, parks or gardens, real estate is the core. We deploy our strong real estate development capabilities first. It is the primary commitment we make to neighborhoods that lack funding and expertise, but which define through the NTI where we should begin restoring houses and shops.

Next, we begin the effort to raise the funds necessary to buy vacant and deteriorated historic properties and restore them, creating a ‘beachhead’ around which people gather and are willing to join us in investing in the area.”  Arthur Ziegler, Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation

I Pittsburgh bygger kulturmiljövårdens arbete till stora delar på offentlig-privat samverkan. Halloween 2006 var jag i Pittsburgh och lyssnade på Arthur P. Zieglers fantastiska föreläsning om revitaliseringen av industristaden.